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Verci Fall Retreat
October 2023

Verci is a community for entrepreneurs and changemakers in their 20s-30s.  I was hired to organize a 3-day offsite retreat for 25 members on a tight budget. Information found her!


Mom Jeans Comedy
August 2021 - Present

Mom Jeans Comedy is a community for female and queer comics in NYC. We  have produced two packed shows, run writers workshops, and meet ups. The aim of our group is to make comedy more accessible to underrepresented groups. To learn more, check us out here.


Troupe Events
October 2021

During my early days at Troupe, we focused on product-market fit. I ran two events at local bars to increase the diversity of our sample sizes for user-interviews. I collaborated with two bars in NYC to host a Super Bowl watch party and a Sex and The City trivia night.


HeyMama Strong Like A Mama Event Series 
July 2019

For the SLAM event series, I acquired in-kind partnerships to get gift bag products and in-person activations. In addition to this, I managed the shipments of all products to the other 5 SLAM events all across the US. For the NYC event, I was the show runner and speaker manager. For more info, click here.


October 20th, 2018

I supported outreach efforts as well as assisted in running the event as well as created graphics and other design efforts. I also ran the media team and helped to secure content from the event. For more info, click here.


Next Gen Summit 2018
July 9th, 2018

I supported our efforts for campus outreach initiatives. I worked on various design aspects of the summit such as geotag designs, creating the agenda, and designing our speaker and mentor pages. I also managed event logistic items with the event team on site including the videography, photography, speaker management, and more. In addition to these, I designed, built, and executed a volunteer committee to provide operation support during the Summit weekend. For more info, click here.


November 11th, 2017

I planned and organized the launching of the NGS@Campus initiative. I was in charge of branding, marketing, operations, team coordination, and execution of the event. Through research and outreach, I secured a venue, partnerships, attendees through student organizations, speakers, food, panelists, etc. I delivered double our goal in applicants and got donations which made up 98% of our resources. For more info, click here.


Comedy Late Night
March 2022 - Present

Comedy Late Night is a tipsy late-night bit show meant to bring comics and comedy-lovers alike together for a night of silly and goofy acts. With over 80+ attendees at shows and $800+ in bar sales, this show is absolutely the crown jewel in my comedy producing career. Learn more here!


Backyard Baseball Open Mic & Show
May 2021 - September 2022

Backyard Baseball is an open mic and show that is dedicated to creating a safe space for comics to come and try new material. During my time, I ran 70 open mics and produced 8 shows (running tech and all promotion),  consistently packing the room with 50-70 attendees per show. Our mic accepted 30 comics per week and we typically filled up in the first 20 mins. I worked directly with our venues and performers to produce fun and memorable shows. Learn more here!


Girlboss x BlackRock Money Moves September 2019

I worked as the event space coordinator for Blender Workspace for their event in collaboration with Girlboss and Blackrock. The event was called Money Moves which focused on financial literacy in women. Learn more here!


Small Business and Startup Career Fair
March 26th, 2019

I coordinated a partnership between Innoblue, Penn State's premier entrepreneurship community, and Penn State Career Services. Through this partnership, I helped structure and carry out student outreach, company outreach, and marketing. I also helped to organize a panel in promotion of the fair and sat on the panel speaking about startup culture.

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NGS X PDN Meetup
July 9th, 2018

For this event, with no budget, I organized an event in collaboration with the Personal Development Nerds community. The networking event featured a panel centered around the concept of community building. The event yielded a 75+ person turn out. For more info, click here.


April 2nd, 2018

I ran outreach to student clubs and campus organizations to get attendees to our second NGS@Campus event, NGS@LA. In addition to this, I did content creation for the event, branding, marketing, and ran logistics off-site. For more info, click here.

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