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Sivana Brewer

Public Relations and Digital Marketing Consultant

"Emily is one of the most driven and passionate young individuals I know. She is constantly providing value to those she comes in contact with through her network, skills, and resources. I've seen her be handed big tasks and approach them head on with tenacity and attention to detail. It doesn't matter what project she is working on, she always gives 100% and looks to create the best outcome for all involved. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Emily should jump at the bit!"


Linda C. Feltman

Full Time Faculty, Pennsylvania State University

"Emily was a member of a class I teach at Penn State on business planning and entrepreneurship. She was part of a four member team who simply rocked their project. She was an engaged, committed and innovative team member and she approached this semester long project with passion and enthusiasm. I tell every student to keep in touch. Few bother. I genuinely hope that Emily is one of the few who do make an effort to keep in touch because this woman is worth following."


Thomas Reck

CEO and Founder, ITR

It was my privilege to work with Emily this past summer (2018). She asked me to join the team for the Next Gen Summit 2018 in New York City and I didn't know her and the event at all but I said yes! She helped me so much along the way I was working for her and her team and gave me everything I needed to feel comfortable while my time at the convention. (btw the conference was amazing) Emily's incredible personality and people skills impress me every time I see her. It's been a pleasure working with her and I hope I can work with her together on new projects for NGS and more very soon!


Brandon C. Ballard

Professional Event Photographer & Community Organizer

"Emily is an amazing connector, influencer, and event organizer. The Next Gen Summit 2018 was more than words could describe. The energy in the rooms was incredible and the speakers were knowledgeable and transparent with the audience. There were plenty of innovators from all around the world who collectively helped make this experience unforgettable. I will definitely continue to support this wonderful summit!" 


Aly Bloom

Co-Founder, LiveItUp

"Emily Akers is the true definition of a go-getter. She is ambitious, professional, timely in her communication and unafraid to connect with the right people to make things happen. It is always a pleasure to have Emily Akers positive attitude and outlook. When we work together it seems as though there's nothing we cannot do. Emily Akers will be an incredible asset at any workplace and I offer my most heartfelt recommendation."


Jennifer R. Emigh

Director, AURORA

"Emily's passion for, and dedication to, her role as an AURORA backpacking leader are evident, especially through her growth over the years and her willingness to mentor new leaders.  She is thoughtful when working with others, and is always looking out for their best interests.  Emily is an intelligent, motivated, and energetic leader.  She has solid decision-making skills and has an incredibly intentional approach with all she does.  When I met Emily, I sensed that she wanted to be a leader for our program, and that she would be successful with her leadership, because she exuded the passion and drive it takes to give of one’s self in a backcountry leadership role.  She is a remarkable young woman that gives her all in every endeavor."


Andrew Horn 

CEO, Tribute

"This summer (2017), Emily Akers joined Tribute in one of our two paid internships. She was consistently hardworking and determined, an innovative thinker, and diligent in her work. She exhibited a “can do” attitude and a curiosity to learn.


During her time here, she quickly became a valuable asset to our team. An eager and fast learner, she improved her ability to network and expand Tribute’s presence whether at conferences, lead generation, or through cold outreach calls. Her innate relationship-building skills created a $50,000 investment, featured our Tribute Booth at five events ($3000 in income from Upright Citizens Brigade and Komen NYC) as well as free sponsorships (Avon39, T.E.A.L., and Next Gen Summit).

She delved into the world of Tribute and showed a proficiency in video editing (completing 18 highlight reels) with an attention to detail. She gave thoughtful notes on campaigns and how to enhance our users’ experience with our products. In addition to her help, she generated relevant and original ideas to pitch to potential clients.


Emily was a pleasure to work with and would make a valuable addition to any team that is recruiting her. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone to discuss Emily’s work here at Tribute."


John Lifrieri

Operations Manager, Tribute

"It was my privilege to manage/mentor Emily this past summer (2017) when she joined our team as one of our two paid interns. Often times, I didn't even need to manage her as she was very driven to create her own opportunities within the business.

Emily is vivacious in her approach and always went the extra mile to make sure that work was done in a consistent, timely and professional manner. She has a sense of curiosity and a longing to be better, which ultimately proved to be deeply important in our outreach/client management efforts. She treated each project and client with the utmost respect and put them first above all. 

Emily's incredible personality and people skills allowed her to excel in the realm of sales and relationship building. Her contributions included a relationship that led to a $50k investment in the business and thousands in sales.

Her contributions didn't stop there and she also proved to be an essential player in the growth of our top-tier video editing service and went on to become one of our best editors. She quickly learned the cadence and was able to create 20+ unique videos for our customers and clientele in a very short period of time.

Overall, she was exactly what we were looking for in a summer intern, someone who could quickly adopt our ethos of 'Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose' and take complete ownership and responsibility for her work. It's been a pleasure working with her I am confident that she would be a great addition to any team."

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